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2024 Leduc Discover Cup Outdoor Tournament

Embark on a journey of competition, camaraderie, and triumph at the Leduc Discovery Cup, where the legacy of discovery in Leduc meets the boundless potential of youth soccer. This unique tournament, sanctions by the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) invites teams from U11 to U17, specifically within tiers 4 to 6, to not just compete for glory but also to discover their strengths, passions, and the joy of the beautiful game on the fields of Leduc.

The Leduc Discovery Cup is more than a soccer tournament; it's a celebration of the pioneering spirit that led to the historic oil discovery in Leduc. Just as that momentous event marked the beginning of a new era, this tournament represents the start of new adventures, challenges, and possibilities for young athletes.

For U11 teams, games will be played 8v8 following ASA rules, with a maximum roster size of 16 players. From U13 to U17, the matches escalate to 11v11, adhering to ASA rules, with teams allowed a maximum roster size of 20 players. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three games, ensuring ample opportunity for all to demonstrate their skills and teamwork.

The competition will recognize excellence, with the top three teams in each pool receiving Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, celebrating their achievements and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Teams will delve into the essence of competition, pushing their limits and uncovering new talents within themselves and their teammates. Each match is an opportunity to explore the depths of teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship, all within the context of Leduc’s rich heritage of exploration and achievement.

As the summer unfolds, the Leduc Discovery Cup will shine a spotlight on the future stars of soccer, providing a platform for young players to express themselves, to learn, and to grow. It’s a chance to forge lasting friendships, to experience the thrill of competition, and to discover what it truly means to be part of a team.

Join us for the Leduc Discovery Cup, where every pass, goal, and victory is a step towards discovering the greatness within. Whether you’re playing on the field, supporting from the sidelines, or engaging with the community, you’re part of a tradition of discovery and excellence.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of discovery that defines both the history of Leduc and the essence of youth soccer. Are you ready to make your mark at the Leduc Discovery Cup?

U11 - U17 Tiers 4 through 6

Before May 11th - Early Bird Fee - $550 per team

Deadline May 24th - Regular Fee - $600 per team

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