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2023/24 Indoor Program Information

​​​​​​​GRASSROOTS includes U5 and U7.

The Grassroots program is all about getting the youngest players out and playing with others in an atmosphere that encourages fun and ultimately developing a love for the game. With these age groups, basic skills are taught through various games.

The program is delivered in a “festival” format where a Canada Soccer licensed coach develops, provides and delivers the sessions with the help of volunteers. This allows for the development of the players and future coaches. At the end of each session, the players will be put into teams to have small sided games which will be used to implement the skills used during the training sessions.

The session plans are based on the Canada Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and the Preferred Training Model. These are proven programs with formatting specific to the various age groups.

In the LTPD model, this age group is referred to as “Active Start”. For more information on the LTPD, please refer to

Alberta Soccer Association also provides the Preferred Training Method with additional information
for the various age groups:

U5 players have one session per week capped at 20 participants for the Indoor season. Days to be confirmed.

U7 players will have (TWO) sessions a week, days to be confirmed for the Indoor season.


2023/24 Indoor Program Information

​​​​​​​DEVELOPMENTAL includes teams in U9-U19.  These age groups can be broken down into the following three sub groups:

FUNdamentals (U9)

Learn to Train (U11)

Training to Train (U13-U19)

FUNdamentals (U9)

Allows children to develop their movement ABCs— agility, balance, coordination, and speed—and learn the basics of the game while emphasizing fun, cooperation, and maximum time on the ball.  The players are now introduced to league play with the introduction of referees as well.

Game Format:
– 7 vs 7 (outdoor and indoor)
– outdoor: 60 minutes (2 x 30 minute halves)
– indoor: 50 minutes (2 x 25 minute halves)

Learn to Train (U11)

This “golden age of learning,” when children become less self-centered and are more able to reflect on their actions and learn from mistakes, provides an optimal window for further development of skills. The focus is on learning by doing, building a larger repertoire of soccer movements and teaching the basic principles of play in a fun and challenging environment.

Game Format:
– 7 vs 7 (indoor)
– 9 vs 9 (outdoor
– outdoor: 70 minutes (2 x 35 minute halves)
– indoor: 50 minutes (2 x 25 minute halves)

Training to Train (U13-U19)

The onset of the adolescent growth spurt for most kids during this stage is an ideal time for endurance
training. Players are also introduced to concepts like mental preparation, goal setting, and coping with winning and losing while learning more advanced soccer skills, including position-specific techniques.

Game Format:
– 6 vs 6 (indoor)
– 11 vs 11 (outdoor)
– outdoor: 80 minutes (U13 and U15), 90 minutes (U17 and U19)
– indoor: 50 minutes (2 x 25 minute halves)

More detailed information regarding the Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development model can be accessed HERE