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 Leduc Field Information

The fields at William F. Lede Park are currently configured as shown in the image below.

A list of all fields used by Leduc Soccer both home and away can be found here.



FieldTypeUsageAge Group
9Full Sized Practice (preferred) or  Game   - has a lot of slope to itU13 & Up
10Full Sized Game (preferred) or PracticeU13 & Up
11Full Sized Game  (preferred) or PracticeU13 & Up
12Full SizedPractice (preferred) or Game - rougher field conditionsU13 & Up
17YouthGame or PracticeU11
18YouthGame or PracticeU11
U11 MiniMiniGame or Practice U9
U12 MiniMiniGame or PracticeU9
Other Leduc Fields not shown above
Elks Community FieldFull SizedPracticeU13 & Up
Father Leduc (South Fork)Full Sized / Mini (split into 2 for U9)PracticeU9 & Up
West HavenFull SizedPracticeU9 & Up
Corinthia ParkFull SizedPracticeU5 & U7 Grassroots
Calendonia ParkFull SizedPractice U5 & U7 Grassroots