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Apr 4 2024

Looking for Coaches and Team Managers

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As a volunteer-driven organization, Leduc Soccer relies heavily on the dedication and enthusiasm of our community members. We are excited to announce that registration for Coaches and Team Managers for the upcoming season is now open. Volunteering in these roles will fully satisfy the volunteer requirements as outlined at registration. Importantly, no previous coaching or soccer experience is necessary, as we aim to create a supportive and enriching environment for all volunteers. To join us, please sign up at, or for more details, visit our website at

Volunteer Registration Requirements

All returning volunteers from the previous indoor season must register again for the outdoor season; however, the process has been streamlined for your convenience, eliminating the need for a new Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) for those who volunteered for last indoor season. However, individuals who are new volunteers to the organization or had volunteered for the last outdoor season but not for the indoor season must obtain a new VSC. Detailed instructions for obtaining a VSC can be found at Please note, VSCs obtained for other organizations will be accepted if they are less than 90 days old.

To ensure we can place you on the right team, kindly finish your registration before April 15th. While we advise submitting your Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) during registration, you have the option to provide your registration details first and then email us your VSC once you've obtained it.

Enhanced Training Initiatives

This season marks the introduction of enhanced and interactive training sessions for our volunteers. Beginning with the 2023/24 Indoor Season, we welcomed Jordan Jeffery to the Leduc Soccer team as our Technical Director. In this role, Jordan is tasked with conducting initial orientations for coaches, implementing standardized dynamic warmups, and providing comprehensive training plans that include access to online resources for all our coaches. Moreover, we're excited to launch a new Strength, Agility, and Quickness (SAQs) program designed for U9 through U17 players. This program, aimed at augmenting player development beyond traditional soccer training, will be overseen by our Grassroots Director, Gareth Jones.

Team Composition

For the U9 to U17 age groups, each team is structured to include a head coach, at least one assistant coach (with a preference for two), and up to two team managers. This configuration is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to our teams, ensuring that players make the most of their practice sessions through concurrent drills. In our U5 and U7 grassroots programs, two team managers will be required for each group. This is to effectively oversee volunteer commitments (for U7 only), distribute jerseys and apparel, and coordinate the end-of-year celebrations.


We will hold a mandatory coaches’ orientation on Sunday April 21st

U9 to U11 from 3-4pm

U13 to U17 from 4-5pm

Team Managers’ orientation for all age groups will be held Monday April 22nd from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

Coaches’ Responsibilities

As a coach in our organization, your role is crucial for nurturing both the athletic and personal growth of our players. Here’s a detailed look at your responsibilities:

  • Skill and Tactical Development: Lead training sessions that enhance soccer skills and deepen tactical understanding for all players.
  • Attendance: Encourage players to regularly attend Strength, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) sessions. Your role will be to monitor their participation and support their commitment, rather than directly implementing fitness programs. This focus on SAQ participation is vital for their physical development and performance on the field.
  • Safety and Well-being: Always prioritize the safety and well-being of players, following best practices for injury prevention and promptly addressing any health concerns.
  • Positive Team Environment: Cultivate a supportive and positive atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and a genuine love for the game.
  • Communication: Keep open lines of communication with players and their families, providing updates on team expectations, individual progress, and relevant information.
  • Match Preparation: Prepare the team for matches with a clear strategic plan, ensuring players understand their roles and the overall game strategy.
  • Equitable Play and Positioning: Manage game time equitably, based on attendance and engagement, placing players in positions where they are most likely to succeed and contribute positively to the team. This approach ensures each player feels valued and has the opportunity to develop.
  • Continuous Development: Pursue ongoing personal development to enhance your coaching abilities and stay abreast of the latest coaching trends and techniques.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with the Technical Director and fellow coaching staff to execute training plans effectively and integrate constructive feedback into your coaching practices.

By embracing these responsibilities, you play a significant role in the holistic development of our players, ensuring they not only advance in soccer but also learn important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Team Managers’ Responsibilities

Team Managers are crucial for the logistical and organizational success of our teams, with responsibilities that include:

  • Communication: Keeping the team informed about schedules, changes, and important notices.
  • Logistics and Administration: Managing equipment, venue arrangements, travel plans, and ensuring players and team officials (coaches, managers) are properly added to the league official rosters.
  • Event and Tournament Organization: Planning team-building activities, tournament participation, and the year-end event.
  • Game Day and Volunteer Management: Preparing and submitting game sheets, ensuring players and coaches are correctly rostered for matches, and creating volunteer tasks in the Teamlinkt App such as referee liaison, net and flag setup, snacks, etc
  • Deposits and Equipment Maintenance: Collecting Jersey and Volunteer Deposits and maintaining the team kit and first aid supplies.
  • Incident Reporting: Submitting detailed incident reports to the board as required.

Our program kicks off on May 1st, contingent on weather conditions, with further details forthcoming after the league releases the game schedule on April 26th. Our aim is to create a supportive, enriching environment that fosters player development and offers a rewarding experience for our volunteers, promoting a lifelong love and appreciation for soccer.

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