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Information for Coaches and Managers

Vulnerable Sector Check

Leduc Soccer emphasizes member safety. To volunteer or coach, an annual Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) is required.  If you have an existing VSC it can be used if it is less than than 6 months old, else you will need to obtain a new VSC.  To obtain a VSC you will need to print and bring this VSC Letter, necessary to get the police to waiver the VSC fees, and provide two government-issued IDs like a driver's license, passport, or birth certificate to the police.


For each indoor and outdoor season,  LSA has allotted funds for our EMSA teams to participate in 1 tournament; you can find the list of available tournaments here:

Once you have chosen which tournament you want to attend with your team and have registered, please send the receipt to and we will reimburse you.


For players who are new to the EMSA U13 to U19 teams and all new coaches and managers (U9 and up), it is mandatory to have an EMSA ID card. To obtain your EMSA ID card, please follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Capture a close-up photo or selfie of the player or team official. Ensure that there are no hats, sunglasses, or hands covering their faces. Also, the shoulders must be covered. The photo should be attached in JPEG or PDF format. Please note that photos in special files, or those that are too small, narrow, or stretched out will not be accepted.

2. Take a photo or scan a copy of one piece of government-issued identification for the person. This can be their Alberta Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driver's License.

3. Send an email to, with the subject stating the full name of the person who requires an e-card. For example, "Request EMSA e-card for (FIRST NAME and LAST NAME)." Attach the photo/selfie (point 1) and the government-issued ID (point 2) to the email.

Your EMSA ID card is essential for participation in the league.

EMSA ID Card Verfication Process 

This process is to be performed prior to each game and came into effect October 17, 2023.

Team Official Card Verification Protocol

  1. A designated team official will make contact with the opposing team 15 minute prior to kick off.

  2. They will take the opposing team’s game sheet and check both Team Officials and players cards for that team.

  3. The designate Team Official will then print their name at the top left of the opponents’ game sheet indicating that they checked the game sheet and all Team Officials and players cards.

  4. Any uncertainty or concerns will be brought to the attention of the referee to make the final decision.

  5. Any late players who are unchecked will be checked at half time by the referee.

Referee Game sheet Responsibilities

  1. To ensure that they receive the game sheet and any trialist forms from each team.

  2. To ensure that a referee Liaison is in place.

  3. To settle any discrepancies or disputes on player eligibility or identification.

  4. Properly write down the score, scorers and any cards that were given.

  5. To submit the game sheet and trialist form to EMSA as per procedure directed by the Referee Assignor.