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Jumpstart Application Instructions

  1. Prior to starting the registration process apply for JumpStart funding click on the link below

              Jumpstart Application

       NOTE: A clear, legible, and current copy of pages 1 and 2 of your Canada Child Benefit (Statement) will be required as proof of need.

  1. Click on “Apply Online”
  2. Login with your existing account or click “Register” if you do not have an existing Jumpstart account.
  3. Complete the application. When completing the “Activity Information” section use the following information:
    • Activity: Soccer
    • Total Cost of Registration Fees:  Enter the registration fees for the selected group (do not include any post-dated deposits for equipment, volunteering or fundraising).
    • Organization where your child would like to participate:  Leduc Soccer Association
    • Name of the program that your child would like to participate in:  Based on the selected group enter the appropriate division (e.g., U5, U7, U9, U11, etc.)
    • Program Type: Recreational
    • Program Start Date:  2023-10-02
    • Program End Date: 2024-03-31
    • Is the activity a minimum 5 sessions, classes or practices and minimum 5 hours total?: Yes
    • Proof of Programming: Upload a screenshot of the selected registration group.
  1. After completing the application, continue with this registration form.
  2. In the additional information please responde "Yes" to the "Are you applying for Jumpstart funding for this participant?".
  3. Enter the Jumpstart “Application ID” (format is YYYY-NNNNN, eg. 2023-123456) from the JumpStart application in the field "Please enter the Application ID form your Jumpstart Application".
  4. During the payment process, please input the discount code JSOUT2024. This will enable you to bypass the need to enter a payment method.
  5. When your Jumpstart application is approved please email to complete the registration process and referencing your Jumpstart Application ID and players name.